Kick Kick Snare had the immense pleasure of chatting with the elusive and captivating Studio Killers to talk about their self-titled debut album, which dropped worldwide yesterday and is one of the best album's of 2013 so far. The 11 track collection shows off a nimbleness rarely seen in electronic music and is a must have for any dance music lover. Throughout the course of the interview we learn about Cherry's oozing colors, Goldie's love for Sam Smith, furries, and Mink's Musk.

KKS: I want to jump right into your origins a bit. So Studio Killers started remotely, through the 1's 0's of the internet, and finally after 2 years you all met in person. How was that first meeting? Did it change the dynamic or creative process for you?

Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink: When we finally met Cherry in the arrivals hall of a major international airport, she nearly ran a mile. There was so much anticipation leading up to the first face-to-face encounter. In reality, whilst we thoroughly enjoy being together, we have tended to be more productive working remotely. Having said that, 'Who Is In Your Heart Now?' was one of this songs we wrote whilst in the room together and I think it tells...

KKS: Studio Killers is more than just a sonic endeavor, it is a complete sensory experience (imagine the olfactory options for a live show, fragrance lines...sorry I digress) What has been the inspiration for your visual style, most importantly the inspirations for the look of the bands members?

Cherry: I can't help it, the whole dripping and oozing stuff just sort of happens, where ever I go I leave a trail of colour. It's just the music coming out of my pores I guess.

Goldie Foxx: Paws? Fragrances? Now you're talking! How about elegant handwear for gentlemen entitled Fox Glove? Cherry is in charge of the visual style of the band, although we are allowed to dress ourselves. Having said that, she has never discouraged me from wearing my mirrored Aviators, even at night. Dyna Mink's a bit more 'street', but that just sums up the different influences in our band.

Dyna Mink: Its tough being a Mink and smelling good so...I'm Just about to launch my own range of fragrances called Mink's Musk.

KKS: Authenticity is key these days in pop music, I have to know is there a secret virtual/animation stylist, or do you each represent an authentic version of yourself?

Cherry: I never try very hard on the looks thing, I make no excuses.

KKS: Speaking of authenticity Cherry's perspective is female, but sexually ambiguous - she also seems to play on gender norms with a very loose hand - what led Cherry to this perspective? How has it shaped Studio Killers' sound?

Cherry: You know I have never understood why our genitals have such gravity in the world. Seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum, while honestly don't we all just want to mush them together for the most part? So lets mush em together.

KKS: How has the reaction from music fans in the US surprised you? We are a bit of a conservation bunch here, sexual ambiguity tends to set some into a state of unease.

Cherry: We have been delighted by the response. I think there is a very healthy mentality brewing out there, and besides a state of unease is the beginning of an obsession for a lot of people.

Goldie Foxx: The response to our music makes us all blush, but particularly in the US, where more than 50% of our fans based. This is something we never planned or dreamt of, but to have a foothold (albeit modest at this stage) in the biggest music market in the world, is the stuff of dreams. As far as the ambiguity is concerned, we try to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Hopefully, that doesn't make anyone feel too uneasy, but then again, we wouldn't want to be overlooked, so creating a stir may be no bad thing!

KKS: Who is your dream collaborator, virtual or otherwise?

Goldie Foxx: I'd personally love to work with Daft Punk. They sort of cross the boundaries between virtual and otherwise...

Dyna Mink: I would happily make the coffees to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis or Chic.

Cherry: I second those, but in a completely different area I'd love to work with Neil Gaiman and Noel Fielding

KKS: Cherry, has mentioned in past interviews, that she falls for songs, what songs has she fallen for most recently? The same for you Goldie & Dyna Mink.

Goldie Foxx: Every time Cherry sings us a new melody, I fall for that, but outside of Studio Killers, I'm thoroughly enjoying the songs and voice of Sam Smith.

Dyna Mink: Really like the new Disclosure album.

KKS: After two years, what track has become your favorite off the LP? All reasons excepted.

Goldie Foxx: Funnily enough, Dyna Mink and I have always been quite partial to Friday Night Gurus, not only because we have been working on a musical idea like that for years and feel as though we finally managed to put down what we have been hearing all those years. For Cherry then to write a song referencing all the things she does, was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Cherry: for me Jenny holds a personal place in my heart

KKS: There is a video for Jenny coming at the end of summer (cannot wait), what can we expect from this video? Any teasers? Spoliers? General nuggets of insight you can share?

Cherry: Ai ai ai. I am working my ass off for Jenny. I hope to put out a teaser when I feel a little safer on the delivery date.

KKS: Finally have you heard of Anthrocon? And could its host city be a potential kick off city for any live tour?

Goldie Foxx: Yes, we had heard of Anthrocon through the grapevine and it looks like quite an event! We are starting to have "live" discussions and it could well be a venue to consider. We do however have some major logistic issues to sort out before even thinking of venues though, but having thought about how we would tour, we do have some very exciting ideas to make Studio Killers come to life!

Well there you have it music lovers everywhere, straight from the Foxx's mouth!

Take a listen to the completely brilliant debut album below on Spotify or if you like something a bit more tangible head over to iTunes to purchase yourself a copy of the album, I guarantee you will soon find yourself playing it on repeat at volumes louder than one aught to, and that's just how Studio Killers likes it.