[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] San Cisco + Rock-N-Roll Hotel 7/18 w/ Smallpools

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] San Cisco + Rock-N-Roll Hotel 7/18 w/ Smallpools

Kick Kick Snare was lucky enough to steal away a few minutes with Scarlette from San Cisco, who just kicked off their first U.S. Headlining Tour in Boston Tuesday night! The Fremantle quartet are headed to D.C. tomorrow night to bring their infectious indie-pop sound back to the Nation's Capital with pop sensation Smallpools! This is going to be a show to remember D.C.! (This will be a night full of 'Wild Things') Not familiar with San Cisco? You must be new to Kick Kick Snare, but that's okay, San Cisco just release their debut LP and we have it streaming below in all its glory for you to enjoy.

KKS: You have known each other for quite a long time, Jordi & Scarlett for most of your lives, how does that play into make music?

Scarlett: We feel pretty comfortable around each other and you can probably hear it in our music. We joke around a lot which is kind of our vibe.

KKS: How did growing up in Western Australia inspire and shape your sound?

Scarlett: Being close to the ocean has probably shaped our sound. Jordi surfs down south of Perth and spends a lot of time up north which has definitely influenced our songwriting and lyrics. Our environment, being so isolated, has definitely had an impact on us.

KKS: Okay so who among you in the secret stalker? Or is 'Awkward' non auto-biographical?

Scarlett: It's completely made up. Most of our songs are based on real people or recent events but this one was just based on a random idea.

KKS: Who had the fascination with Fred Astaire that inspired the song of that same name?

Scarlett: It's based on someone extravagant that Jordi met on a holiday , and I guess he just nick named him after the late Fred Astaire.

KKS: You all have been touring near non stop for the year now, what do you miss most about being home?

Scarlett: I definitely miss the food at home!

KKS: What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen crossing through America? To follow up the most ridiculous thing you have eaten?

Scarlett: A man with a blonde wig in pigtails, wearing a pink dress on a bike with a boom box heading to a pool party at our hotel in San Fran. We had some pretty ridiculous food in Austin, like waffles with eggs and chicken etc.

KKS: Through all the touring what has been one, or a few of your favorite moments? On-stage or off?

Scarlett: Playing a show in Pittsburgh to 15 people and getting in the crowd and dancing with them. It was pretty loose.

KKS: This is your first headlining tour in the US, after this, who would you want to tour with? Who is your dream tour band?

Scarlett: Maybe Haim. We saw them at SXSW and they were awesome! Our dream tour band... Bowie and the Spiders From Mars

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