Wookie Feat. Eliza Doolittle:  The Hype

Wookie Feat. Eliza Doolittle: The Hype

The lovely Eliza Doolittle is rapidly developing a name for herself as a gutsy and heartfelt performer and songwriter. Her latest single “Big When I Was Little" and recent collaboration with Disclosure for "You & Me" has lit like wildfire across the blogosphere injecting just the right amount of devotional soul swagger into the unmistakably contemporary British pop market, and beyond. Now pair that with arguably one of the most talented producers to emerge from the UK underground to date, Wookie, and watch as they take your future expectations of high caliber even higher.

Wookie’s sound was in development during the late 90’s which became apparent in his bootleg remixes leading to his self titled debut in 2000. These were the years I developed my undeniable passion for music which I credit, in large part, to this man. Now if I can only get him to remix a Deee-lite track, I can then die. If this is your first introduction to Eliza and Wookie’s music, I’m proud to share with you this UK Garage masterpiece soulfully mixed in a florescent style, that is as fresh as it is innovative and distinctive and without question essential. Prove it? Okay...

M A U S I: Move (Friend Within Remix)

Octochamp & Joor Nitth: Mutualism

Octochamp & Joor Nitth: Mutualism