A Q&A with Norman Doray

A Q&A with Norman Doray


If you haven't heard Norman Doray's Filtré in a club yet this summer, our first question is: "What clubs are you going to?!" The track is Doray's first on Avicii's Le7els label, and it's a steady house banger that features iterative synths and a pounding house beat -- this is NOT a "drop and it's done" track, which is a welcome change of pace from the usual. Watch the video:

Listen to the full track:

Shortly after Filtré dropped (July 8th), we sat down with Norman to discuss the track, video, his life on tour, future plans, and more.

KKS: Congratulations on the release! Tell us a bit about how the release and video for the single came together.

Norman: Thx you! It was really simple to us… when we decided to release this track, which was like a tribute to the french touch era, we were agreed to make a video expressing all these influences. That’s why the video its a patchwork of old cars, old boats, 70's/80's sports… French touch was really influenced by disco and funk.

KKS: You maintain a pretty busy tour schedule… how has the club world been reacting to the track?

Norman: I did it for fun first, but one day I've decided to play it around and the reaction was great! That's why we came out with an official release, and I thank LE7ELS for that. They did what others wouldn't have done in signing the track. Labels are not taking risks or having fun anymore.

KKS: Earlier this month, you told Billboard that "Nowadays the music is the same everywhere, and that’s not cool". Who, in your opinion, are some artists that are releasing unique music?

There are still artists doing what they like and it's working well, look at Martin Solveig, Eric Prydz, Avicii recently with this new countryish single, and of course the new Daft Punk single… I'm so happy they did it like this!

KKS: You frequently name-check Daft Punk, Cassius and the French Touch genre as musical influences during your childhood. Who else has had a strong impact on your musical preferences/production style?

Yeah, basically all these band/artists introduced me to house music, and gave me a direction, then later on, I was influenced a lot Axwell, (Steve) Angello, (Eric) Prydz -- around 2006/2007. The music they were making was quality, full of energy and it was a good compromise between french touch and more big room sound!

KKS: What are you most excited about in the fall/winter, after your busy summer tour season is over?

Spending for sure most time in the studio, and starting to tour the southern hemisphere countries again… The whole game is to chase the summer all the time haha… Seriously I wish I could take a vacation, but I'm a workaholic.

KKS: What's your favorite way to unwind while on tour?

Staying locked in my room, not doing or listening to music, having a Skype call with my friends and family. I really need that, if not, you can really feel lonely and a bit like a robot, doing the same thing every time.

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