Sami The self-titled debut EP, from musical ingenue Sami, out September 17th on Hollyrock USA, is a detailed reflection of the artist herself. Delicate yet resilient, rich with melodies and lush production, the five-song EP gives the listener a unique glimpse of her self-discovery as an artist. Co-written, recorded and produced by Troublemaker in Los Angeles the EP shines with a deft and unexpected brilliance.

“Hell Over You” showcases Sami's impressive ability to effortlessly balance her ethereal voice with dark & emotionally tender lyrics - a talent showcased again and again throughout the course of the five song collection. Each track on the EP adds to her musical palette, showcasing her abilities on keys and guitar to build a portrait of her breadth of talents as a songwriter. Her soft vocals and warm synths come together to create a rich collection of melodic sub-pop textures.

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