Eliza Doolittle: In Your Hands (Review)

Eliza Doolittle: In Your Hands (Review)

eliza doolittle in your hands Eliza Doolittle's sophomore LP, "In Your Hands," many are calling her coming of age album. A departure from her self-titled 2010 debut, IYH serves as a collective of more personal experiences, written as a whole. So to review such an album, I gathered together everyone at KKS for a team-sourced track-by-track review. Note: Depending where you live, you may or may not be able to stream on Spotify. Since we're a worldwide operation here at HQ, I'll leave finding the album in your country in your hands.

"Waste Of Time" More like "DooAlot," amirite?? Eliza starts this album simply and beautifully. Right off the bat, I'm reminded of one of the main reasons I first loved her - that voice. Her vocal sits perfectly on top of a cloud of bright pianos and quirky tambourines and claps. Classic perfect Eliza. She really brings it at the end too. Great hooks, lovely song. She sings, "You don't owe me nothin', but you give it to me anyway." I feel the same way. You didn't owe it to us, but you sang it for us anyway. Thank you Eliza, my one, my only. -Johnny

"Back Packing" Like her music, Eliza is an artist you can trust. A real woman, keeping in it honest--and expressed with a playful hook, only someone so comfortable in their own skin can allow themselves to take such chance and be exposed. This soundscape will indulge your senses, whether you’re living a tail of loss and rejection, or just need to get away while keeping the rawness of your feelings in tact. - Brent

"Hush" OK…Can I just say, speaking for all of my girls out there, FINALLY! Not since Lily Allen’s F*ck You have I heard anyone quite master the art of servin’ up the h8ers with a cold, harsh dish of the realness while masking it down with a warm glass of milk and ladylike charm. This has girl anthem written all over it! The lyrics are sharp and aimed at the jugular, but it is that voice, those heart melting vocal runs that will bring even the likes of Spencer Pratt to fall to his knees, cower under Eliza’s spell and beg for mercy for being such a douche. Meanwhile, Beyonce is sitting on her reigning velvet girl power throne, doing a slow clap, tipping off her top hat, and handing the title over to Eliza before Kanye is compelled to step in and do it for her. It’s time to pick up your girls, crank up this jam, and tell the h8ers to Hush because #TeamDoolittle takes bullshit from no one!! -Frankie 

"Let It Rain" In stark contrast to it’s name, ‘Let It Rain’ is the proud beam of sunlight that comes cascading down through the clouds after an April Shower.  Soaring horns, shimmering strings, and sublimely anthemic piano come crashing into an absolutely beaming chorus where Eliza proudly embraces the unknown, proclaiming  “I found my way with bad directions/ I do my best and I’ve learned my lessons/ Let it rain on me.” -Stephen

"No Man Can" Ooo girl, here we go. This ish taps into a place we’ve all unfortunately been before: On the couch, box of tissues, pint of ice cream, and a Sex in the City marathon lined up, all the while wondering how long it’s going to take before you finally hear your beloved bestie say the dreaded words “I told you so” that it surprisingly didn’t work out with you and Mike from Match.com, or just like the two before you had sworn to be The One. But then somehow it never comes. Instead you’re fed with lines of what an effing catch you are and in that moment of sadness, you find comfort and are suddenly reminded of the people that will love and have your back forever, no matter what. Eliza’s lyrics beautifully highlight and give credit to the ones in our life that deserve it most. A toast to the down ass bitches! Hail to the ride or die chicks! Wipe those tears gurl, put this song on repeat, and rest assured knowing that #TeamDoolittle has got the kind of love to give you that No Man Can! -Frankie

"Walking On Water" If you've ever been in a long distance love affair you know the signs. Rushing to check each vibrate your phone makes, constantly refreshing your Facebook feed, jumping out of your skin at each phone call, wishing its a love note from that special someone. You want to feel that rush of euphoric energy only they can give you, but sometimes a flurry of goofy snapchat moments & skype calls aren't enough - you just have to be with them. 'Walk On Water' captures that surge and uncontrollable craving to be next to someone in an addictively playful throwback R&B love song guaranteed to make you smile. -Wes

"In Your Hands" Now THIS is a title track. It's a dedication worth sending your soulmate to say "I love you" for the first time, again--Doolittle's delivery is that personal. Immediately the cinema lover in me drifted off into flashes of memories past, but also looking forward with the same intensity behind her vocal. It's being so vulnerable because of how confident you are of being in love. -Brent

"Checkmate" Eliza's strong vocals are a breath of fresh air, and drive this piano-heavy track without feeling over-emphasized. The track begins by featuring Eliza being accompanied by a tinkling piano riff, later adding drums and a supporting piano riff a few octaves lower than the original. The track continues to build through about the 2:00 minute mark, when a trumpet briefly enters to support the final verse of the track. -Katie

"Team Player" Showcasing her gorgeous voice, this stripped-down track combines a melancholy sentiment with a catchy chorus. From California to London Town, this song should be played everywhere.  -Scott

"Make Up Sex" I'm a lover not a fighter so the concept of 'Make Up Sex' has always been a little weird to me. Eliza's break-up tune about the relationship phenomenon is exactly the kind of 'cut your losses and GTFO' anthem all the sane ladies have been looking for. Take your PS3 and your dignity and find a new boo! Don't let your swimsuit area and your hormones trick you into making bad decisions. Preach, Eliza! The song is definitely a stand out to me for the sweet doo-wop vibes. In fact, it reminds me of Lauryn Hill's 'That Thing.' So, it's worth quite a few listens. -Eavie

"Don't Call It Love" "Don't Call It Love" has been floating around the internet for about a year now, and it has thankfully made the cut for 'In Your Hands.' Teaming up with production mastermind Kwes, Doolittle takes towards the mellower side of pop. The deep bass tones, lilting synth flourishes, and playful piano mix well with Doolittle's soulful vocals to  create a delightful, light-feeling ballad with an overhanging air of melancholy, characteristic of British pop. The story is almost heartbreaking, but Doolittle approaches her crushed hopes with grace and maturity, and ultimately leaves you feeling reassured. -Caleb

"Big When I Was Little" Take a drop of doo-wop, a prim-and-proper reggae guitar, and a smattering of clever pop culture head nods and you have Ms. Doolittle’s ‘Big When I Was Little”. An anthem for anyone revisiting and lifting their roots, it’s chock full of torn up diary pages, Spice Girl hairstyles, and a hook that boldly and unapologetically shouts out to “Malcolm In The Middle”. With credentials like that, it’s easy to see why it's one of my favorites off of 'In Your Hands.' -Stephen

"Euston Road" It's the end of the road with "Euston Road." Apparently, Euston Road is an important thoroughfare in central London, England, so I'm getting a "it's the journey that counts" sentiment slash "Auld Lang Syne" as the equivalent of "Once upon a time…" in one's own personal retelling of your story. Go down Memory Lane a few blocks with Eliza, stuck at the lights with her and her music passenger side--I can only think of a few better places to be! -Brent

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