MTV24534 I was rather fortunate to get a few minutes with Foxes before she embarks on her new US Tour, which will be coming to Washington, DC on November 30th. YOU BETTER GET TICKETS NOW.

KKS: Hello, great to talk again, since we last hung out in Washington, DC last year.

Foxes: Oh my God that was amazing. I will never forget that moment. It was so out of the blue. I remember thinking that it was really crazy that someone wanted my picture taken. It was the first time I had ever experienced that.

 KKS: So I was your first pap experience?

Foxes: Yeah!

 KKS: I’m sure that's all changed now. How is tour life different since then and the success of ‘Clarity’ & the release of ‘Youth?’

Foxes: Well, I think, what has changed the most is definitely that the people who have been there from the beginning and on the journey with me, who know the lyrics and are supporting me are there.  I can’t even put into words how just incredible it is to have such a brilliant atmosphere. When you get a following from the beginning you start recognizing people and people are there on this journey with you. That is the most amazing development of it all. It is almost overwhelming in the best way possible.

KKS: Not only are people connecting with you, but are you able to connect with fans through touring and social media?

 Foxes: Social media has taken over hasn’t it? It is such an incredible way now to talk to fans and connect with them. It’s inspiring in so many ways, to hear from fans and hear feedback. It is so great. 

 KKS: How have you worked to create who is Foxes via social media, ensuring people get to know Foxes as you see yourself?

 Foxes: I don’t have a strategy. I really believe in being yourself. Trying too hard to create something and force a brand won’t work, people will see right through you if you aren’t being honest. It’s obvious and I think I see can that with other artists, and I know fans do as well.  Just be real, it is the most important way to be. At the end of the day you can’t really fault someone that is being honest, and for putting themselves out there.

I quite like the idea of being an artist that’s relatable, and being myself.  I think at the end of the day it’s the music you are creating; it isn’t the image that is important. When you are honest the music comes across that way.

 KKS: That honesty really is apparent in your music, most of all from your lyrics. Where do your draw inspiration from?

Foxes: I draw inspiration from experiences I’ve had. My music is usually me, just selfishly in a way, getting myself through something I have been through or make sense of something that has happened.  “White Coats” is really personal; it is definitely my most personal song. It’s a song I never thought would be able to get other people to do things or they ever would relate to. I remember writing it and thinking, people are just going to think I am nuts. But, actually I have quite a lot of people tell me that it has helped them get through problems with anxiety and other issues. It is so wonderful to talk to other people and have them understand, especially when you never thought they would.

KKS: You explore the themes of being strong and true to yourself in “Beauty Queen” & “White Coats” how has the emerging pop world worked with that ideal, but also how as it been at odds who you are?

Foxes: I haven’t felt pressure to be anything but what I am doing. I definitely think there is a choice that comes with being a pop star, will you expose yourself or not. I don’t think you need to be exposed more than you want to be. It’s not about how successful you will be if you get your clothes off or keep them on.  You and you’re music should always come through; it should always be about the music. Whether you’re getting your clothes off or not. I have never felt pressure, but that is not the artist I am. It’s not me. 

KKS: Have you felt over exposed by social media?

Foxes: I mean you are really exposed. People can contact you at any point. You’re there, it makes all of you more on show. You can choose how on show you are. I know that it comes with it now; people want to see the face and know who they are listening to. There is this real need now to have as much information as possible on something.  Because of the internet you can find anything. There is a real need to have every piece of someone, which I think is shame, there is a little bit of that magic and mystery lost now. That is just the way times are moving.

KKS: How do you keep a part of yourself just for you in a world like that?

Foxes: Well, I think it is nice to share part of yourself with people who have been supporting you and sharing a part of themselves as well. That is what it's all about and at that level it is quite nice.  You have to keep family and friends close around you. I have a really, really close knit family & friends and I think that is most important thing in the world, because they are the people at the end of the day who are going to ground you and be there for you.

KKS: One last thing, what can we expect from you and Glorious? 

foxes: I am so excited about the album, its my debut, it has so much on it that means the world to me. It is my life up until now. It's extremely personal & special. I can’t reveal too much.  The title track is the last song I wrote for the album and it sums up everything about the journey I have been on. So it was the perfect name for the album. I can't wait for people to hear that song and understand why I have called it that. Once they hear it they will see it’s a song about not giving up and discovering the beauty in life.  Staying strong and positive. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

This was followed by a lovely good bye from Foxes, and a promise by me to take more photos and it all ended with a rather lovely “Ta!” in true, adorable, British fashion.

Make sure to see see Foxes on Tour in the coming weeks

Foxes US Tour Dates:

November 19                    Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour
November 20                    San Diego, CA @ 5th Avenue
November 22                    Oakland, CA @ New Parish - Popscene
November 25                    New York, NY @ Gramercy
November 27                    Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
November 29                    Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
November 30                    Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
Erik Hassle: Talk About It (ASTR Remix)

Erik Hassle: Talk About It (ASTR Remix)

Hello. Thursday. Remixes.

Hello. Thursday. Remixes.