Stine Bramsen: Prototypical


Stine Bramsen_press1This can't really be an introductory feature on the massively talented Stine Bramsen, as she has graced the digital pages of Kick Kick Snare multiple times as part of the Danish pop act Alphabeat. Who have given us two of the best pop albums of the past decade. You can try to challenge me on this declaration, but you will lose. (I digress, forgive me) So Alphabeat is taking a bit of a break, not to worry though, it will by no means be permanent. After 10 years together - I don't feel old, nope not at all - they are pursuing individual projects and tackling unfulfilled dreams. For Stine this means a solo album.

This may be her dream, but we all get to share it with her. The first single "Protypical" as Stine herself said is " really a very biographical song. I never thought that I would find someone who I would want to spend the rest of my life with. I honestly believed that that kind of love only existed in fairytales and not in the real world. And I had no idea that I wanted it. But it turns out I’m just as prototypical as everyone else.” "Prototypical" showcases Stine's dynamic vocals that were hinted at on The Spell/The Beat Is... in a way that is unlike any of her work on with Alphabeat, while tapping the raw joyous energy of "Fascination".

Now mind you this is just the "Live Version" and according to Popjustice the studio version is "basically the clip above but about three times better, because studio versions are always about three times better than live versions. It’s brooding! It’s stomping! It’s poignant and it’s melodic!" Well there you have it, confirmed from multiple sources, "Protoypical" is going to great single. The aforementioned studio version will be released January 20th, and a full LP is set to follow this year. 2014 is looking good indeed!

Thanks to Troels for sending us the Vimeo link, as the VEVO link is not available in the US - and if we were not able to watch this at least 30 times today, our entire Friday would be ruined.

Stine Bramsen - Prototypical (Live Session) from MusikDK on Vimeo.