Tropic Of Pisces: Symmetry



To say that I was surprised by this track could be considered an understatement. It’s a bit of an initial happy shock- a mix of tropical reggaeton infused pop; “Symmetry” by Tropic Of Pisces makes me feel like dancing. Hailing from Brooklyn, this is the new project from the guitarist/glockenspieler of Oberhofer, Mathew Scheiner.

Its colorful combination of bird sounds, choral crescendos, and bright synths makes me want to be invited to wherever party this is playing; It’s not hard to see that this multilayered track is just begging listeners to come closer. A playful kaleidoscope, mirroring the colorful nature bursting from every corner of "Symmetry" like a fun jungle, Tropic Of Pisces has no qualms with creating a sonic environment everyone will want to be a part of.