Yellerkin: Debut EP


Yellerkin Final EP Cover.002  

There’s a blossoming pride in watching a band do well in a world where the measures of success are malleable. The Internet (where music calls home) is rampant with images of flowers, but remembering the care and sincerity it takes to grow a flower can sometimes be disregarded.  I get the feeling that the debut EP by Brooklyn based Yellerkin has been nurtured exactly so- they know what it takes to make something beautiful and let it flourish. And this isn’t just an applicable metaphor for your next garden- Yellerkin’s EP feeds me the same joy as watching a bud bloom in spring.

Yellerkin is fun, unabashedly sweet and thoughtful. It would be impossible to argue that their music isn’t made with artistic precision and emotional intricacy. Sentimental pop that’s infused with a heavy dose of synths and folky percussions.

Pushing aside all of the complications of releases and cover photos, bands that give us instant gratification are why we’re all here. While success is variable, for me, it comes in the form wanting to tell everyone about an artist. Well, here’s my proverbial billboard.

We’ve talked about this duo before on KKS- first hearing whispers from New York make their way like a game of telephone to our dear west coast ears. The only thing left to do on your end is press play.