[REVIEW] Blondfire: Young Heart

Blondfire Young Heart Young Heart, the sophomore album from Blondfire, the Brother/Sister duo of Erica & Bruce Driscoll, mixes the invincible optimism of youth & the tender strength of a mature heart in a kaleidoscope of dreamy musical experiences.

Blondfire - Young Heart by Blondfire

For the weary eternal optimist, battle hardened by life and loss, like myself, Young Heart is the perfect dreamlike escape. The sincerity of Blondfire’s music is refreshing in a time of overwrought pop music that panders to sales at the expense of substance. See how easy it is to succumb to cynicisms enticing grasp?

One of the key factors to Blondfire’s ability to stave off cynicism is lyrics that never feel contrived. Proof again of their unique ability to balance unbridled optimism that could easily find them lost to trite temptations, with a tempered maturity that genuinely connects with listeners.

Blondfire - Waves (The Soundmen Remix) by The Soundmen

Erica’s delicate vocals keep the vibe of Young Heart ethereal and eternally bright, even when the guitars turn dark and haunting. Unbelievably catchy melodies and inescapable hooks make that brightness contagious. Let yourself get lost in their warmth, trust me you won’t regret your decision to sing along.

Hide And Seek by Blondfire

Bruce’s dreamy soundscapes of warm synths, stirring guitar and inescapable basslines are bold and exciting. Each track is a new adventure just waiting for you to experience. Young Heart is guaranteed to set free the youthful excitement of exploration locked within every one.