[EXCLUSIVE] Denny White: Burn Out

denny white burn out Anthemic, florescent and criminally infectious, Denny White blends a distinct and irresistible mix of synth-littered, airy beats rooted firmly in the soul-filled space between pop and alternative. His latest single, “Burn Out” creates a sound that is equal parts light and dark by balancing clean, cool sophistication against the playful passion behind the song's lyrics. Richly drawn with a lush musical palette, White is an artist intent on bringing his abstracted, intelligent soundscapes into the mainstream world, and it's a better one to live in because of it.

Says Denny, “Burn Out is a coming of age song, with it being my first self produced release, it’s opened up new doors for me as an artist and reflects snapshots of my life that I hope ultimately remind people of their own.”

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