Dr. Dre: Forgot About Dre (The Golden Pony Remix)

the golden pony The Golden Pony pay homage to one of hip-hops greatest producers with their remix of "Forgot About Dre". The duo states that beside Dre's knack for funky beats and a hooky chorus, they appreciate the longevity of the only man who has continued to produce number 1 hip-hop tracks over 3 decades: NWA in the 80's, Snoop/Dre in the 90's, and Eminem in the 00's.

"Dre was the reason I started making music" says Timothy, one half of the TGP. "It was a rap duo, working with a toy record player. We formed during elementary school after friend and I listened to N.W.A's "Straight Outta Compton" 1000 times in a row. I think Thomas must have picked up some psychic connection through our afro's when he selected the acapella and said he have to remix it!"

Adding their signature funky basslines, spacey synths, and grooving rhythms the afro donning duo turn the classic track into a modern day dance gem!

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