Caitlin Park: "Hold Your Gaze"


There’s a trend of female singer/songwriters coming out of Australia. Sydney's Caitlin Park’s is another we can all add to our lists- I couldn’t be more pleased.“Hold Your Gaze” is a liberating entanglement that struck me in the gut the moment I pushed play. A weaving of banjos, drums, and synths collide to make an organized chaos of surprising cohesiveness. “Hold Your Gaze” is round and whole. Smiling is immediate. A craving to bask in what it has to offer is an unavoidable side affect.

The track feels like a slow jog that turns into a breathtaking run at dawn.  Its build of claps are supportive and the harmonies reassurance enough to keep pushing forward, whatever that may look like. Park’s soft and hallow voice lends a hand of acceptance. With a running head start, it opens with a layered warble-y chant transforming into dreamlike folk. It's a warm smile from across a crowded room. And one you'll want to meet with your own.

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