So Long, Brooklyn

johnny kirby brooklyn bowl I caught a 7:00AM flight to New York yesterday, and seconds ago my return flight back home to LA just took off. Get me back to livable weather! Johnny's performance at School Night went as expected, so good. We were challenged by the Oscars, and even the L Train decided to shut down, and we still brought the crowd thankyouverymuch. It was, to say in the least, the perfect warm up for Johnny's next string of shows leading up to and following SXSW. My posting will return to normal tomorrow but wanted to share one of my favorite moments from the trip before I pass out. Above, with Johnny in the green room at Brooklyn Bowl following his show with Kirby Kaiser. Keep an eye on these two. Shoot, keep an eye on all three of us. Except if we're drinking at Turkey's Nest - that's off limits.

On Tour, On TourKKS Staff