Great Good Fine Ok: Not Going Home + INTERVIEW


Great Good Fine Ok may actually have one of the most misleading names in pop music. Why is that you ask? Because they are actually utterly incredible. Their debut single "You're The One For Me" was hands down on of the most infectious tracks of 2013. Seems GGFO is not about to stop being utter incredible anytime soon. Their new single, "Not Going Home," proves it. Infectiously bright and bubbly "Not Going Home" is pretty much guaranteed to leave you feeling like that 12 year old boy, in a sweatshirt three sizes too big, on the cover art bounding through the air. Which according to singer Jon Sandler is the entire point, "The track is about fighting for your dreams and never giving up on exactly what you want in life. It’s about never settling. About metaphorically not “going home” when things get hard and never giving up on being truly happy." So get yourself a little Happy and click play.

For a little investigative reading while you listen to "Not Going Home" we interview GGFO's Jon Sandler to get the scoop on their name and upcoming live shows.

KKS: How did GGFO come to be? GGFO: "Luke was living around the corner from me in Brooklyn with a good friend of mine, we became friendly and worked together on a couple of projects. We soon discovered that we grew up in neighboring towns in Upstate NY and that we were extremely creatively likeminded. We ran into each other in the Lower East Side after not being in contact for months and agreed that we should “write a song together.” “You’re the One for Me” was born!"

KKS: GGFO isn't exactly an expected band/group name, where did the name come from?

GGFO: "Great Good Fine Ok is a band name that I have been carrying in my head for years. I don’t know where it came from, but I knew it was special and meant a lot to me. I loved how positive it felt and how it seemed to capture one’s constant fluctuation of emotions with such simple digressing adjectives. I would always bring it up in ‘band-name discussions’ with friends – some would love it, some would hate it, but I adored it, and I was saving it for worthy music."

KKS: What was the first live show like? How has making the jump to being a live band changed the sound you want to make? GGFO: "The interesting thing about this band is that Luke and I created all the songs/recordings first and then put the band together, so the challenge was re-creating all the sounds live. We put together a group of amazing musicians who believed in the music and really understood what we were trying to do. Our first official show is this Thursday in NYC but we had 2 practice shows last week. We had no idea whether we were prepared enough or if we would be great. We realized quickly that we all felt comfortable and at home in it, and the people in the audience enjoyed it, so we were happy."

KKS: What can we expect from GGFO in the next 6 months?

GGFO: "In the next 6 months, we are going to continue to write and record more songs and definitely want to tour. We feel so blessed to have already made fans all over the world and we would love to meet them all and to say thank you in person."