[REVIEW] Betty Who: Slow Dancing EP

Betty Who Slow Dancing EP It's hard to believe that it has only been a year, nearly to the day actually, since Betty Who first hit the stagnant waters of the pop world with a massive splash. We have been feeling its ripples ever since. Her debut EP, The Movement, like a massive tsunami, rapidly raced across the internet. Pulling critic after critic under its sonic waves with her effortlessly brilliant sound and inescapable charms. Slow Dancing, her sophomore, and first major label EP, continues where The Movement left off and is poised to send waves crashing through the world of music yet again.

Slow Dancing finds Ms. Who again teaming up with long time friend and musical partner, Peter Thomas, as Executive Producer. Thomas also produced the EP's lead single "Heartbreak Dream, along with the tracks "Giving Me Away" & "Silas." The EP also finds Who working with new collaborators on "Lovin Start," which was produced and written with indie-dance stars Ghost Beach. This injection of new members to the Who Production Crew makes Slow Dancing feel fresh & exciting, while being everything we have come to expect from Betty Who, and more.


"Heartbreak Dream" (10/10) Brilliant. Topped the Billboard Dance Charts. Need we say more?

"Alone Again" (10/10 - GUITAR SOLO 100/10) Is a perfect 80's inspired R&B/pop gem that could have easily found a home on Whitney Houston's iconic debut album. The lyrics are tender and honest, without being saccharine, a rare skill that Who continues to master track after track.

"Giving Me Away" (8/10) Sweeping synths and an expansive melody come together with soaring vocals to make a powerful love song, with a subtle dark undertone that we first saw glimpses of in the jaw dropping "Right Here."

"Lovin Start" (11/10 - math? So what, who cares?) (Full disclosure this is my favorite track of the whole EP) From the first note there is a movement that grabs you. It's primal and exciting. Then, that funky bass line kicks in and before you even realize it you are dancing. This is all consuming pop perfection.

"Silas" (10/10) This is a wonderful surprise at the end of the EP. The minimalist ballad is haunting and raw, the only track written solely by Betty Who. Because of this, there is a sincerity that is palpable - delicate and powerful in the very same breath. Truly a special song that resonates long after the EP ends.

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