[Exclusive Album Premiere]: Stumbleine Feat.Violet Skies 'Dissolver'

artworks-000076702730-iuedbw-t500x500 We posted about Stumbleine earlier this week along with a teaser that there might be more to come from the British producer.  As a welcome gift to us from him, he's chosen to debut his latest album "Dissolver" with KKS:

"Essentially, I was trying to push myself in a new direction, working with real vocalists helped me to infuse a human element into the music. I'm trying to evolve the music I write instead of playing it safe and slowly stagnating. I wear my influences on my sleeve, they range from The Jesus & Mary Chain through to Rihanna.

The album was written with Violet Skies in mind. Many of the tracks were written with an RnB vibe, leaving enough space to allow her stamp something over the top." 

Listen for yourself and see why we're in love: