Sophie and The Bom Boms: Woman

sophie and the bom boms Today it's officially summertime in Los Angeles. The early morning dog walkers know exactly what I'm talking about. Usually the morning pup walk is brisk - sweaters and wet grass that's annoying because you know your four legged buddy is going to mess up your house with his or her's adorable but wet and muddy paws. Not today though - by 8AM it was 80 degrees. The vitamin D is ample and that makes for a summer-y spring in your step. The perfect soundtrack to this gorgeous day is 'Woman' by Sophie and the Bom Boms. The piano riffs give you pure pop joy. It's wicked catchy. A couple verses in and you're feeling like a gal in a cotton underwear commercial dancing around all YOLO-style. Push play and get into it.

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