Speak: Gates


Many moons ago I heard the vibrant sounds of SPEAK come blaring through my speakers system. It was late afternoon, and the sun was radiating a sublime twist of violets and deep reds. (It sounds romantic, but I was most definitely eating a bag of Doritos as this picturesque moment was occuring. ) I hit play on the soundcloud link, looked out my window, and fell in LOVE with these musical maestros. Their tunes have been on constant rotation since that magical moment, and lucky for me, they've just put out a new tune that has me chanting summer under my breath. Coated with stuttered electronic blips, verbed out guitar, and shimmering sunshine synths, it's got that pop bite I love, but with a beautiful heart of gold beneath all the bells and whistles.

The SPEAK boys will be touring the East Coast with Gemini Club and The Griswolds this summer. If you're in the area, do you ears a treat, and see these fine gents. Find dates HERE.

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