Video: Emily Reo - Rainbow Road

emilyreo.jpg Under a Florida based label, Elestial Sound, lo-fi electronic DIY singer/songwriter Emily Reo released her album "Olive Juice" in August of last year. Comprised of eight tracks that beautifully take listeners down the coast of her ethereal vocal landscape, "Olive Juice" is magical. Aptly described, the album contains "Warm synths [that] envelope you in the whimsical melancholy of nostalgia, like reading through your own confused thoughts from pages of high school poetry underneath the comforters of a living room-fort"- Reo knows how to tell a story. Finally we are able to see inside of Reo's fantastic orchestral imagination in this latest video for "Rainbow Road."

Having put visuals to one of my favorite songs on the album, Reo proves that her talent doesn't just lie in her music. Cutting through the almost expected haziness of her synth sculpted vocals, Reo juxtaposes all with the use of bright colors and the starkness of Los Angeles. Tapping into LA's ability to conjure and support itself as the city of dreams, "Rainbow Road" is a deep, thought provoking visualization of a society's need to balance pretty with empty or vacant. The city appears (from some perspectives) to be a beautiful shell without a pearl of wisdom inside. Or perhaps Reo just loves colorful parties as much as I do. Regardless, I now am in desperate need of a blue cupcake and a strong desire to watch this video again.