Kimbra: 90s Music (Music Video)

kimbra 90s video Yo, listen up here home slice! Your fave KKS V-jay in da place to be, layin down the haps on the brand spankin’ new release of Kimbra’s 90s Music video and I gotta say I am bout it-bout it! As if the flavor in ya ear wasn’t mad fly enough, the new paired flavor on your eyes is all that and a bag of chips. I mean, who knew this beeotch could get jiggy with it like that? It’s like she’s all , “ Talk to the hand cause Kimbra’s dance moves don’t understand”, and then we’re all, “ Like OMG what the dillio with you learning to tootsie roll like that?”, and she’s all , “ Your mom.... SIKE! I got like hella dope choreographers and an even better videographer with a phat vision for old school, “ and then you’re all left just like, “ Ugh, as if! Hella jealous. Kimbra, you da’ bomb, “ and she’s all, “Word.” Are you picking up what I’m putting down? If you’re feelin’ the vibes to take you back back, forth and forth, you need to cop this newness now or eat my shorts, ya dig?