Panama Wedding: Parallel Play


Today marks a momentous day for Peter Kirk, better known to the world of music as Panama Wedding, his debut EP Parallel Play is released via Glassnote. The four track collection is a brilliant bundle of instantly addictive lush synth pop gems.

We had a little chat with Mr. Panama Wedding himself about his second single "Uma" and the real and not-so-real world inspiration behind the track. We can confirm that Uma is a real name, but that is really it. The details about her remain a tightly held secret, "I don't want to say too much specifically about Uma, but there's a bit of non-fiction and fiction in this song." So we are left to wonder, who is Uma, and why does he love her? A great musical mystery in the making. Regardless you will find yourself singing her name like a mantra, as Peter says, "there's something soothing about the word itself."

We also discovered that inspiration for his music comes from time alone, "It might sound really corny, but taking a long solitary walk on the beach can yield amazing ideas. I actually wrote the song "Trust" last year on the beach in Montauk. I still have the iPhone recording; you can hear the waves crashing in the background." Something I am sure will become a sought after and very rare collectors item once Panama Wedding becomes a household name.

You can stream the entire Parallel Play EP now on Spotify or download it HERE

Can;t get enough of Panama Wedding, you can see their live performance and interview last week in Laguna Beach with WE FOUND NEW MUSIC with Grant Owens on KX93.5