[PREMIERE] DWNTWN: Missing You (Kemal Golden Remix)

DWNTWN - Missing You -Kemal Golden Remix Kemal Golden strikes again with this epic banjo-laden reworking of DWNTWN’s single, "Missing You," creating an early case for Summer favorite status. Best enjoyed with clear skies, cold beer and a virtuoso display of footwork. Kemal has taken the track and moulded Jamie Leffler's sweet, doleful hooks into a miraculously infectious jump-up hoedown, pushing his pop talents to heretofore-unexplored territory.

From Kemal, "Normally I don't use stems at all and I just try to take the remix somewhere totally different. This time, I wanted to have this interesting of almost a live folk feel but still danceable," adding, "If I didn't go see DWNTWN live, this remix never would have happened. I just felt an immediate energy switch and within a minute of the song I already knew what i wanted to do to it in my head."

Insanely catchy riffs in cahoots with hyper-speed bouncy beats, ahead.

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