Arty: Up All Night (feat. Angel Taylor)

pallnuight There's enough EDM floating around these days. Really, with the inevitable rise of the bedroom producer I've had it up to here (points to top of neck) with just about everybody calling themselves a producer. Don't get my wrong, there are still brilliant writers out there, the signal is just masked by the noise nowadays.

I know I sound grumpy here, but don't read to deep into it. The only reason I'm going curmudgeon on you is to remind you how much sweeter it is when those really talented dudes come rocketing out of the blue. And really - Arty is one of those brilliant minds. With a new release that reaches a bouncing blend between nu-disco, and EDM, and a lyrical powerhouse laid on top, we're inclined to include him on the 'insanely talented list' I've tried to stop clicking play on this - trust me - it's an earworm. Can we fast forward to Friday? This=my weekend playlist.

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