BROODS: Mother & Father (Music Video)


broods Admittedly, it takes a lot for me to sit through a music video. Somehow I can make it through hours of The Housewife Losers of Bravo (no city left out), but music videos...? Nope. Even the last OK Go video, halfway through I was checking Instagram. And no, I don't have adult ADD, although I'm sure Adderall I'd watch ten seconds, rewind nine seconds and re-watch and repeat. It's simply because we're not living in the MTV era when videos reigned supreme.

Taking the above into consideration, BROODS doesn't apply. After seeing Georgia Nott perform live, I don't care if we're talking a Vine video, you will tune in. (No offense to her brother and multi-instrumentalist Caleb Nott - you keep hitting those buttons, bro.) Thankfully, her stage presence is present - and I'm pretty confident she'd win all dance-off challenges. And clearly with these lyrics, stare-off's too.