[PREMIERE] Cherry Cherry Boom Boom: Answering Machine (The Replacements Cover)

Cherry Cherry Boom Boom EP This is not the 'Answering Machine' that I was expecting. Really, when this Replacements cover hit my inbox, I envisioned a rock-centric ensemble, brimming up with dirt around the edges voice full of grit just like Paul Westerberg

But this cover couldn't be further from that - and I say that with the utmost praise. 80's flavored basslines weave their way through the backbeat while twinkling bells puncture the sonic spectrum. And, in best of fashion, Cherry Cherry Cherry Boom Boom smooths out the melodies beautifully, introducing harmonies and flourishes that play like nuanced strings.

For those of unfamiliar, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom is the producer/artist moniker of Martin Kierszenbaum, songwriter, producer and founder of Cherrytree Records. His track record is monstrous, having produced for acts such Lady Gaga, Robyn and t.A.T.u., and remixed for names such as Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Manson, and La Roux. And finally, he's releasing a cohesive work under his own name, aptly called The Cherry Cherry Boom Boom EP. Honestly, we couldn't be more excited. The whole EP is set to drop Aug. 19, 2014 on Royal Pop Records. We recommend you mark your calendar now. In red ink and scratch and sniff stickers and glitter gel pens. Yes. I'm that serious. Don't forget this one.

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