David Harks: Open Arms

artworks-000087957084-2p3546-t500x500 Hark(s)! He preaches. Bringing their four-single release to the final lap, David Harks' third track 'Open Arms' delivers the tall order of crafty juxtaposition and dreamy sentimentality. Any track that enlists samples from a 10-year-old Cayman Islands based Preacher must have an unforgettable message in mind, and this song certainly rises to the occasion. Not since The Knife's 'Pass This On' has steel drums made an intense impression from the moment they're introduced, but in this case also proves to be an elegant, subtle backdrop for a swirling, somewhat nihilistic love letter. The layered and simplistic production flow through a song that could happily last for fifteen minutes unnoticed, it's that refreshing. The track is a lovely spin on the archetypal "let's make love the world is ending" idea, taking what could be a calculating manipulation and finds the heart, bringing it to the forefront. There may be no religion for David Harks, but there absolutely is spirit.

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