Olivver: Keep It Sacred

artworks-000087790736-vvascy-t500x500 It's the age-old tale: Boy meets girl, girl buries boy alive in a palm tree farm. This seemingly simple concept is the crux of 'Keep it Sacred', the new single by former drummer of The Neighbourhood, Bryan Sammis. Under the name Olivver, Sammis was able to take the reigns of what showcased his abilities without losing the core of what made it special. Gone are the cocksure challenge-heavy vibes of his previous project and in its place are moody and delicately angry pieces that does for contemplation what The Neigbourhood did for genre-bending, direct swagger.

What's fortunately not gone is the pinpointed call-you-out nature, there just seems to be more room to move this time around. More time to think. This particular track takes that time with a stripped down snare and a swirling array of lounge organs. It also places perhaps the only meaningful form of 'hit it and quit it' that music has at the moment, in an industry that delights in either placing you in the 'emotional and vague' or 'direct and callous' category. It's rarely both, but when it is it is an undeniable balance that repays the listener in spades.

Music more than often will make you feel but when it also makes you think it is something not to ignore. Olivver, much like Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, will not be ignored. Even if that means he winds up in a early grave dug by a smug blonde chick. I suppose if you're going to make something of excellence you take the good with the bad. And he did, and for that we are excited to see what comes next.

Olivver made his radio debut with me in an acoustic set on WE FOUND NEW MUSIC, that truly showcases his songs in a completely different light. Enjoy Keep It Sacred and stay for the live set and interview.

UPCOMING LIVE SHOWS 8/25 at The Bootleg - OLIVVER LIVE DEBUT with Maudlin Strangers and Tapioca & The Flea 9/18 at The Roxy - OLIVVER supporting LOVELIFE

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