[PREMIERE] Cazwell Feat. Cherie Lily: Dance Like You Got Good Credit

cazwell So I’m just going to come straight out with it and say that Cazwell is my spirit animal. I mean this latest release of Dance Like You Got Good Credit ft. Cherie Lily is everything I’ve been waiting for and more. Listen Drake, you know how I love you boo, and I’m truly happy that you you’ve made it there, but some of us are still chillin’ at the bottom and wouldn’t mind keepin’ it real from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my fancy things as much as the next guy, but the difference is my Louboutins came with a hefty overdraft fee and Dollar Menu meals for the rest of the month. Ladies in the place with style and grace? Check. Mansions and Benz’s and it feels stupendous? Not exactly. The only paper game I’ve ever been able to relate to are the ones I pull from my car in the “Let’s See How Many Street Sweeping Tickets I Can Collect Before They Put A Boot On My Car” game. Life is full of struggles and sometimes you just gotta get out there, let your hair down, Dance Like You Got Good Credit, and keep ordering yourself rounds like you got money in your checking! Or at least until your card declines, at which point you march yourself right back onto that dance floor baby boo and shake it till someone buys you one.

Cazwell's 'Hard 2 B Fresh' album release is scheduled for September 23rd. Collaborators include Richie Beretta (Major Lazer, Jillionaire), Justin de Nobrega (Die Antwoord), Nicky da B (Diplo), Peaches, Manila Luzon, DJ Fresh Direct, etc!

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