Sucre: Young and Free

Sucre After 16 minutes of Beyonce amazing-ness last night at the VMAs I thought my ears had heard it all. Surely the music world is going to have to take a year off just to recover. But then first thing this morning before the yonce withdrawals hit me I was delighted to learn the lovely band Sucre is releasing a new EP next week! While Stacy King may not be rocking a bedazzled leotard and whipping her hair back and forth, the gal sure can sing and write a pretty tune. That might be an understatement. Her latest EP, written and recorded with her husband Darren King of MuteMath and Jeremy Larson, features five shiny new songs brimming with haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. Today they released the song "Young and Free." The track feels really personal, with a disarming openness that punctuates much of King's music.

Sucre will be hitting the road in September in support of the EP. I highly recommend seeing her live.

Pre-order, here!

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