Hello. Thursday. Remixes.

remixes aug 28 Up next on Bixel Boys' seemingly endless release schedule is a remix for Golden Features’ “Tell Me,” featuring Nicole Millar. The original’s moderate pace fits perfectly in a daytime lounge or rooftop set, but the recognizable Bixel twist brings it to a whole new level.

Since appearing on the interwebs a year ago, Hoodboi has been bathing in internet fame. His feel-good sound has become unmistakable among Jersey Club fans and forward thinking dancehalls all over the world. Wrap your ears around his latest remix of Coucheron's "Deep End.”

C'est magnifique! French producer, Kulkid, is back a remix of Fink's "All Cried Out," a testament to the tropical, summertime feeling Kulkid is known to produce.

Courtesy of Pete Herbert, we see the addition of Miami Horror's approved chunky synth line, and some italo-disco vibes, all effortlessly layered upon the band's breezy vocals. Grab an umbrella drink and get straight up thirsty Thursday to this one.

Rounding out this remix bundle, and something I've been meaning to post for 357,837 years, is Jonas Vincent's reworking of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire." A mellowly gritty track that unwinds and explores, deconstructs and assembles.

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