Gabriel Garzón-Montano: Bishoné: Alma de Huila

artworks-000069264477-puq283-t500x500 Native New Yorker Gabriel Garzón-Montano delivers EP Bishoné: Alma de Huila, an EP that is so full of raw soul, and self-produced groove that it breathes new life into the words 'experimental' and 'independent'. Experimental because the multi-instrumentalist recorded each track of the EP in real time, straight to a 2" tape, with only the minute aid of production equipment to help layer the many claps, harmonies and some light drum programming here and there. Independent because it is the amalgamation of what this artist is capable of doing purely on his own. Something very few artists can actually say nowadays.

On one of the standout tracks, 'Everything is Everything', Gabriel takes the homage to greats like Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Bill Withers (more specifically, his 1972 single 'Use Me') and boils it down to an intimate sonic playground that begs to connect you and bring you into the fold. Intimate is such an important word describing Gabriel Garzón-Montano, you truly feel like you're a being let into his mind, his creative process and the feelings he expresses with his chosen tracks.

It's an unassuming, honest and brilliant soul album -- upon first listen (and many repeat listens), this standout artist cements his placement amongst those who have held the standard for this genre for so many years, and with such ease that you're shocked to categorize him as a 'new artist'. There's also something so nostalgic about hearing the light white noise from the tape track, something you don't realize you miss until you hear it again. Details like that, paired with the unabashedly confident vocal styles of Gabriel -- this EP brings one question to mind: Where has he been all our life?

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