[Premiere] ELEL: 40 Watt (Daytrip remix)

ELEL 40 Watt Daytrip Nashville's ELEL burst onto the scene with their anthemic debut indie-pop beauty, "40 Watt". The infectious jam picked up widespread approval and is the first gem to drop from their upcoming full length ' Geode', which hits early next year. Another exciting new arrival is Daytrip, who also emerged during the summer months with a series of delightfully earbending originals, as well as turning heads on collaborations with with up and comer Raury. The production duo have turned their hand to a remix of "40 Watt", taking the joyous vocals and given a decidedly dance floor read edge. Get listening to this. New Private

Listen for this track on WE FOUND NEW MUSIC this Friday at 9pm, podcasted afterwards here.

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