Dorothy: Wicked Ones

dorothy Happy Halloween to me. I don't need any candy, I don't need any costumes. I'm retiring before any of the festivities even kick off this weekend. Just lock me in my room with this song.

Seriously, with pulsing kick drums and a droning bass this LA quartet brings a heavy dose of attitude and intensity on their newest effort. And the great thing is that it's always this way with them. Dorothy has hit the nail on the head with each and every release. From Wild Fire, to After Midnight, and now The Wicked Ones, there has never been a remotely bad song in the mix. Which is amazing news because once their EP drops (soon) I'll have my (rather aggressive) morning playlist ready to go. I will never be tired again.

Really though, I could lavish all the praise in the world on this band, but when it comes down to it here's the thing about this LA trio. Nobody doing rock n' roll is making it relevant. Dorothy does. That's important. And it's something you need to pay attention to.

Wicked Ones marks the coming of their self-titled EP. We're ready. The question is - are you?

(pretend I said that while putting a cigarette out on my tongue and driving away on a motorcycle. It makes it better - trust me.)

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