[PREMIERE] David Harks: Odyssey


DavidHarks We first introduced you to David Harks back in August when he released his steel drum tinged, end of the world love letter, "Open Arms". Now the Brighton, UK based singer is back with the fourth and final installment to complete his debut 'Lomo' EP which is out today. 'Odyssey' rounds out what has been a magnificent journey of introspective exploration and pushing boundaries musically. In what may be arguably the EP's strongest effort, we get a slow burner that reminds us why we fell in love with David Harks in the first place. The song is effortlessly cool, but intricately delicate and deliberate. Typically, writers tend to try and compare new music to old music because it's easy and familiar. In this case, I'm sorry but I can't do that for you. Because what David Harks is doing is completely original and extremely exciting. From the soulful lyrics and driving groove, it's all love. So to compare it to something else would be doing it a disservice. Instead, take a listen and appreciate David Harks for David Harks. And spread the love.

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