Best Of 2014: Remixes

best of 2014 remixes Forget about Ebola, Taylormania is sweeping the universe and there’s 100% chance you’ll be affected. Quick on the remix draw was Recycle Culture with Taylor Swift’s song she wrote about her dancing skills called “Wildest Dreams.” Sorry, I could not resist. In real life though, this remix has been on repeat since it's release. -Brent

If I ever need a mood boost or just feeling bouncing around the room in a state of euphoria, Mark Knight's remix of "Never Say Never by Basement Jaxx is the track I go to. It’s pretty simple as far as house music goes, but the chord progression, piano stabs, and vocals make for the most fun song of the last couple years. As soon as the vocals come in, it’s five minutes of straight bliss. -Caleb

Coucheron was able to make an already epic cover/mashup by Eastside even better with his remix. Listen at 1:30 for Coucheron’s juicy producing skills. -Robbie

Borneland's remix of Destiny’s Child's "Bugaboo" came out in January. I play it at least once a week. Point in case. -Stephen