MOTHXR If you do nothing else beneficial for your soul today, take the gifts that I am about to bestow on you and spread them around like Christmas cheer. I recently came across the music of Brooklyn based band MOTHXR consisting of four friends and fellow dreamboats Jimmy, Darren, Penn, and Simon and instantly realized how potentially dangerous this sort of music could be if not fully prepared for such a sexual mind blow. The force of MOTHXR Nature is nothing to fuck with y’all! As luck would have it, I saw that they were scheduled to play at Pianos in the Lower East Side and bought my ticket with such doe eyed anticipation that can only be compared to a time when NSync reigned over my 12 year old heart.

I arrived at the MOTHXRland early enough to catch a drink and watch opening band Reputante, which I have to say set the stage magically. They were the perfect pairing. The wine to my cheese. Or like when you order a meal at a restaurant and you’re starving waiting for your filet to arrive and the waiter drops off a glorious plate of cheesy garlic bread on the house to enjoy while you wait that you hadn’t even known you wanted but in that very moment you believe there might just be a God? Reputante was this cheesy garlic bread.

Now back to the main course…

As MOTHXR hit the stage to start setting up, there was a moment where front man Penn Bagdley, who you might recognize from his reign as Gossip Girl, took his fleece jumper off, and as it hit the floor, you could almost hear all the panties in the room dropping simultaneously. All of them. I could hear the girl in front of me say, “ I thought you weren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day” and it’s a good thing for her sake that no one else heard her because she probably would’ve been bitch slapped for being so basic. She’s not allowed to wear white but I’m pretty sure every other human in there would’ve petitioned that he not only be allowed, but strictly encouraged to wear nothing ever again but those white jeans and sleeveless tees.

By the time the second song and newly released single Stranger started playing, I’m not kidding you, all bets were off, everyone got naked and had a huge orgy on the dance floor. Ok, maybe that didn’t happen, but everyone definitely thought about it. Girls and guys alike fell Victim under the strict teachings of the baby making 101, each one desperately hoping for once in their life they would be so lucky to have that face only a MOTHXR could love. This was straight up some R. Kelly my-mind-is-telling-me-no-but-my-body-is-telling-me-yes shit but reformed with a whole new Brooklyn hipster swag. They brought an entirely new meaning to the word MILF and what it would mean to have privilege to be called a MOTHXR fucker. And yes, I would most definitely kiss my MOTHXR with that mouth. I imagine they would be the outcome if say Motown Records, George Michael, The Cure, The Weeknd, and the entire Drive soundtrack had a crazy one night stand together and fostered their lovechild in Brooklyn, and should any one party try to deny it Maury would appear out of nowhere screaming, “ You ARE the father!”.

After some time to collect myself, I was able to catch up with the guys after the show to ask them a few questions as to what us fans can expect next in the near future, which you’ll be happy to know includes a likely EP to be released early next year. Details of the release are still being discussed but if I could make a suggestion, it would be that with every purchase comes a free box of condoms for safety purposes. Overall, it was an amazing night filled with amazing tunes and thus concludes my review but only because I have run out of MOTHXR puns. Do yourself a favor and hop on this MOTHXR train before it leaves you in the dust. Give your life an upgrade. You’re welcome. Word to your MOTHXR. (That was the last one I promise.)

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Set List: Wild Ride Stranger Centerfold Impossible Black Girl FIght The Feeling Victim Easy

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