R Kelly & Miguel: Igniton/ Do You [Phoebe Ryan Cover] (Win & Woo Remix)

artworks-000105725252-6mr53v-t500x500 Win and Woo mix up a classic R Kelly & Miguel track with Tropical House vibes brought to us by rising pop artist Phoebe Ryan with their mash-up of Igniton/Do You. I caught up with the duo and here is what they had to say about this track

"This is our newest, a remix we did with Phoebe Ryan. As soon as we heard her cover of Ignition/Do You we knew we had to do something. Its been great to work with her and we already made a remix of her first single "Mine" that will come out in a month or so. Being snowed in Chicago has us craving sunshine, so we pumped up the beach vibes on this one with some tropical guitar and steel drums lead. Grab yo mojito and enjoy!"