Redondo & Bolier ft. She Keeps Bees: Every Single Piece

Redondo Bolier ft She Keeps Bees Every Single Piece There are songs and then there are songs. The collaboration between Redondo and Bolier is in and of itself two ingredients that when combined ignite into an explosive result. Such is the case with "Every Single Piece." Add the sting of She Keeps Bees to the equation and we're now talking atomic impact. The song's undulating bass line offers a darkish, brooding feel that gradually crescendos to the end that comes too soon. Available March 16th on Spinnin' Deep, this marks the date when the world will quite possibly implode, and if that's the way we all go out, fine by me.

Leon Bolier (@leonbolier). ... Thx @petetong for dropping 'every single piece' w @RedondoMusicNL @shekeepsbees