Halsey: Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Halsey Ghost Lost Kings Remix Listen, Halsey, we all know where your ghost went. Have you heard your own lyrics? YOU scared HIM away, how about that for irony. Considering how I'm drawing a target on my own back, I say we remain optimistic and focus on the good. When I say Lost Kings, don't think of your "Where'd You Go" lyric and instead know that they are right here. No quick goodbyes. Instead, the Australian duo gift a play button that you get push over and over and over and you can be its taste test all you want.

The Lost Kings recently inked a management contract with Disruptor Management, the brand new joint venture at Sony Music Entertainment. With several shows and a festival under their belt, the duo is consistently giving reason as to why they should be on every music lover’s radar for 2015.

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