Robert DeLong: Long Way Down (Sean Glass Remix)

Robert DeLong Long Way Down Sean Glass Remix It’s not often that prominent label heads successfully crossover into becoming producers, but that hasn’t stopped Win Music founder, Sean Glass, from attempting to become one of the few that has. The son of the iconic Daniel Glass of Glassnote Records, Sean Glass has seen tremendous success as the head of Win Music, including a Grammy nomination for Duke Dumont’s “Need U 100%” last year. Now, after spending years honing his skills playing DJ sets, Glass has delivered his first original production, a remix of “Long Way Down” by Glassnote Records’ artist, Robert DeLong.

Glass’s remix of “Long Way Down” takes the indie-electro original and gives it a disco-house makeover. The talented musician speeds up the tempo of the track and pitches up DeLong’s crooning vocals, giving the tune a faster, more frenetic feel, fitting for the disco vibe that Glass has given his remix. Check out the remix below and keep an eye out for the release on March 31st.

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