Flex Cop: Domino Ft. Michael O.

Flex Cop Domino Ft Michael O Brisbane producer Flex Cop better be careful. LA native Michael O. is channeling some Marvin Gaye vibes on "Domino" and we all know how that can turn out. Too soon? Too stupid? How I'm supposed to make any sense while listening to these jams I post. It's hard, okay. One second ago it was Thursday morning and suddenly after pushing play it's late Saturday night I'm surrounded by crisp piano stabs, tropical percussion and is that Sade on guitar? It might as well be. And even though the track clocks in at over 7 minutes it's still not enough time to let the all elements of French-influenced nu-disco and splashes of warm soul sink it. It will probably take a day on repeat. What is that, 10K spins? Sounds right.

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