Evan Marien: Free

Evan Marien A goal of mine is to sit in front row at a Tom Ford runway show alongside Anna Wintour, us sandwiched between the Olsen twins. The tint of our sunglasses: limo. The flashing cameras are just so hard on our eyes. Finally, the overhead lights will dim, and the music starts. What am I hearing? Landing somewhere between Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke, Brooklyn-based producer, bassist, futurist Evan Marien will appear on his own stage in florescent fashion with "Free" illuminating the entire room. The models pour in and there will be an electric strut in their step. Posture as if there's a taut string threaded through each of their spines through the top of their heads. Arms weighted next to their bodies, hands relaxed, but with the sounds filling the room even their fingertips project an attitude of utmost confidence. But regardless, even if the models, the celebrities and even Tom Ford tumbled down the runway doing a roundoff back handspring, the truth of the matter is that if Evan Marien's new single "Free" is the soundtrack, it would steal the show.

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