BETABLOCK3R In My Head BETABLOCK3R's newest "In My Head" is absolute perfection. Given my therapist's most recent request to take part in practices to reduce my anxiety and rage levels upon hearing my alarm in the mornings, I have decided the only solution is to change all of the pre-existing bells to the indie electronic bliss that is "In My Head". Instead of hitting the snooze button 467 times to get that much needed extra 8 minutes of uninterrupted slumber, today I awoke to the chilled out nu-disco oracle gifts of this LA based duo and found myself not reaching for any such device to halt and beg of the 8 more minutes of lucid dreaming euphoria so I can find out which of the many men lusting for my hand in marriage I finally decide to give the rose to. It started with a casual smile and ended with my dancing bones drifting me away to the shower. Thanks to BETABLOCK3R I may have just cured my morning rage. AND THIS IS BEFORE I'VE EVEN INGESTED ANY COFFEE OR FOOD! Crazy right? God bless the soul that happens to cross my path before a BLT and a latte. Not anymore! Someone needs to let Folgers know they no longer are the best part of waking up. "In My Head" will remain exactly there for the entirety of the day and you should join me if you know what's good for you.

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