5 & A Dime: Wild

5 and A Dime Wild Nowadays, there are a ton of different ways for up-and-coming artists to get their music heard. Some producers rely on remixes, piggybacking off of a bigger name artist to slowly grow their brand and name recognition, while others dive right in and tackle their own original productions, with the hopes of dazzling the world. In 2010/2011, one of the more popular arenas of electronic music was mashups, allowing artists like 3LAU and 5 & A Dime to put in their time and grow their name before maturing artistically to become full-on producers.

Hailing from Philadelphia, 5 & A Dime has only recently moved from mashups into original productions, and he’s ready to show his 50,000 fans and the world what he’s capable of. His latest output is an electro house banger titled, “Wild.” Heavy electro riffs set the foundation for the track, before 5 & A Dime blasts the track into the stratosphere with glitchy synth stabs and booming kick drums that make “Wild” the perfect track to tear up the main stage this upcoming festival season. “Wild” is available as a free download, so get your copy here.

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