Speak - Mystery Lights (Step Rockets Remix)

artworks-000116799612-8irpkt-t500x500 Step Rockets have shown they have a knack for the remix game. They’ve utilized some of the hottest up-and-coming producers to remix their original songs, ranging from RII’s take on their indie pop anthem “Kisser” to Sunglasses Kid’s 80’s-inspired interpretation of "Phantom Flower.” Yet, despite a number of successful remixes by other artists, we were yet to hear Step Rockets flex their own remixing muscle. Now the wait is over.

Amidst the success of their latest single “Turning Tides (By Your Side)”, Minneapolis-based Step Rockets took a step outside their own writing to reinterpret a track by Austin art-rockers Speak, and the results fresh and exciting. The remix features Step Rockets' signature dreamy soundscapes and punchy drums filtered through an adventurous production lens. Check out their take on Speak’s “Mystery Lights” below and enjoy the ride.