Frances: Grow

Frances Grow Tuesday, I know you're not Monday but you still kinda suck. Luckily, new singer-songwriter-angel-from-heaven Frances comes into prominence and turns haunting and emotive into a lovely affair.

"Grow is about loving someone and wanting to keep them close," says Frances "but deep down you know you need to let them go and experience new things. You tell them that you’ll wait for them, as long as they need, and will be there at the end to hear every story.”

At 21 years old, it goes without saying she's wise beyond her years. I was still clinging on and borderline trapping anyone who would pay an ounce of attention to me. The difference (of many) is that I didn't have such a voice, literally and figuratively. Thankfully, I got my act together. "If you never try, you'll never know." Hopefully no one has to stumble as many times as I did before I started to fly, but now I'm not looking down either.

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