Luna Aura: Dancing With Your Ghost

artworks-000115724097-bmklq9-t500x500 "Dancing With Your Ghost?" is an upbeat number written in remembrance and celebration of Luna Aura's baby brother, who unexpectedly passed earlier this year. In Luna?'s words, "?It?s a testament to the everlasting connection between two beings existing in two completely different worlds at once. A testament to the power of love, which allows us to see beyond any boundary we face in our lives, and reminds us that we will always be together, in one form or another, with the ones we love.?”

Luna?'s passion in life is to break through barriers, delivering the unknown to you through her voice, personality, beats and lyrics, breaking divides of genres, styles and any other barriers she can unearth.

Luna Aura will release the Supernova EP on August 7