Jack U X Ember Island: Where Are U Now (Chet Porter Remix)

Jack U Ember Island Where Are U Now Chet Porter Remix

Well, you're guaranteed a great night sleep tonight because Chet Porter has taken Ember Island's cover of "Where Are Ü Now" into his glitchy, enchanted forest of musical creativity and its just as amazing as you would expect. Introducing Ember Island's mesmerizing voice, Porter guides our ears along a windy road of trickling block hits, floating harp strums, and gleaming synths that by the end of it will have your mind in complete nirvana. His style is one that literally has no label, but it infuses so many calming elements that its hard not to feel at ease when listening to everyone of his . Grab the free download here and thank Chet Porter when you wake up tomorrow ready to conquer the world.

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